Model mother Carrie Anne hits London – with a little help from Kate Moss’s VBF

This is an old interview, but quite interesting.

The Mail on Sunday (London, England) Jan 3, 2010  Byline: Joanne Hegarty SHOWBUSINESS EDITOR

IT WAS a moment of compelling reality TV drama – and potential personal tragedy: on the brink of winning the chance of international catwalk fame and fortune, a tearful Carrie Anne Burton confessed that she was about to become a teen mother.

The Downpatrick beauty, tutored by supermodel Erin O’Connor and talent scout Fiona Ellis, duly won RTE’s The Model Agent – and promptly had to postpone her shot at stardom with the London-based model agency TESS Management. With the prospect of single motherhood looming, Carrie Anne was left wondering whether her big break would ever come round again.

Now baby son Max is six months old and, with the support of her family and long-time partner Darrell Rice, Carrie Anne is ready for the move to Britain that will help push her career into the international realm.

And she has a secret weapon in her corner – the Galway-born hairdresser to the stars who is one of Kate Moss’s closest friends and confidants.

Celebrity crimper James Brown revealed in the recent Channel 4 documentary about the opening of his new London salon that Moss takes him to all her star-studded parties and celebrity launches. In return, he spends hours as her walker and adviser, and gives her refuge from the paparazzi when she needs it.

He has offered to take Carrie Anne under his wing and open all the right doors for her when she heads to London next week for an intensive sixweek blitz of the fashion scene – flying home at weekends to see Max, who will stay in Co. Down with his father and his grandmother.

‘I was talking to him on the phone not so long ago and James invited me to go and have dinner with him and Claudia Schiffer,’ said 20-year-old Carrie Anne, ‘and I couldn’t go . I need to be over there for a while to give it a proper go. You only get one wee chance in life and, if I don’t take it now, I will never know what could have happened and I will regret it always.

‘In London, it’s a huge help to know the right people and it’s brilliant that James told my agency that he wants to help me out. He watched the programme and told my agency boss that he liked me. At the very least, I should get a haircut out of it,’ she laughed as she told the Irish Mail On Sunday.

‘I am going to stay with a friend of mine that lives there already and split the rent with her. It will be fine,’ she added.

Galway-born Brown met Moss when his family moved to Croydon and they became good friends before she became an international star. They have stayed loyal to each other since.

Brown has homes in New York and London but still regularly returns to Tynagh, Co. Galway, where he has a small cottage, to meet Irish friends and to tend to his several horses.

It was while he was home for six weeks last summer that he became hooked on RTE’s The Model Agent reality show and he followed the series to the very end – through Carrie Anne’s tearful revelation and eventual coronation as winner.

That was when he vowed to help with his considerable fashion nous.

Says Carrie Anne: ‘It’s a great start to get and James is lovely – dead on.’


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