The Grey Man

Fair Head is a rocky headland, found in the north-eastern corner of County Antrim in the North of Ireland.

As one of the largest expanses of climbing rock on the island, this place is not just famous for its beauty but of legends and myths.

One such being; ‘The Grey Man’.

The Grey Man’s Path runs from the shore to the plateau above Fair Head and goes along past Lough Dhu.

Legend describes the Grey Man as a devil-horse,  that resides in Lough Dhu who meanders along the Grey Man’s path cloaked in human form waiting to lure unsuspecting passers-by into the undeworld of Lough Dhu.

Inspired by this story, her upbringing and Irish fashion and design, photographer Eilish McComack sought to immortalise the tale in film, viewing the story through an almost fashion lens.

The Grey Man by Eilish McCormack -- Minnie Mélange

The film was shot on location in Fairhead, County Antrim and credits the talents of models Sean Paul Gilbride and Carrie Anne Burton who perfectly embodied their often broody, intimidating and aloofly beautiful characters.

Whilst the models and Eilish are without doubt the heroes and heroines of the fashion film, Carrie Anne’s wardrobe is most definitely the unsung deity.

Clothed in Joanne Hynes, the vibrancy of the design and the intricate craftsmanship project the quality and creativity that exists in modern Irish design.

The Grey Man by Eilish McCormack -- Minnie Mélange The Grey Man by Eilish McCormack -- Minnie Mélange

The adjoining soundtrack by The Fuck Buttons and Daniel Lanois create almost pathetic fallacy as the murderous and ominous tones predict the destructive Irish weather and what we assume to be the Grey Man’s emotions.

The Grey Man is wonderfully aesthetic and at times has tinges of a modern thriller but the subtext; Eilish’s personal affiliation with the area and her deep love for the Irish fashion industry combine to create a mesmerising and enchanting personal project that lingers in the mind, hours after the near six minutes of footage have finished.

The Grey Man by Eilish McCormack -- Minnie Mélange

Having previously had the privilege to work with both Eilish and Sean Paul whilst interning with stylist Maria Fusco, I feel strangely proud of Eilish and ‘The Grey Man’ and I’m not-so-secretly hoping that this isn’t her last journey in the domain of fashion film.

The film can be found below, have a look – it’s definitely worth it!

You can find Eilish on Facebook and Twitter and as always, your thoughts and comments are welcome below!

credits to Sinéad x


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